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About us


Langdon is a unique charity that offers support and independence to Jewish youth and adults with learning disabilities.

We are driven by the belief that a person with learning disabilities has the right to quality education, a home of their own, a job with a living wage and a full social life and opportunities just like their peers. 

Without Langdon’s help, these ordinary ambitions would remain beyond their reach. Our mission is to provide the extra support our people need to lead independent and fulfilled lives. We are proud that 95% of our residents lead independent lives that, without Langdon, their parents could only dream about.

Langdon’s services include Langdon Learning, which encompasses our specialist residential college in Manchester, employment courses and the Langdon Learning and Training Enterprise Centre that provides a real working environment to gain valuable work experience.

Langdon has three independent living communities in Manchester, North London and Hertfordshire where Jewish adults with learning disabilities are able to live independent lives within thriving Jewish communities.

Langdon’s Employment Service provides the support with job searches, CV writing, interview preparations, and support while at work. The employment team work hard to look for paid job opportunities for our people.

Langdon’s social programme includes Live-It! for those aged 18, a unique social network for Langdon residents and other adults. Langdon’s Brady Clubs give Jewish youth aged 12-18 a safe environment in which to make lasting friendships and have fun.

For more information about Langdon please visit www.langdon.info or email info@langdonuk.org