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The Great North Run

The Great North Run

  • Posted on: May 31, 2016
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Amy Stuart gives her account of the Great North Run that happened on Sunday May 22nd

Running the Manchester 10k was an experience that I had wanted to do for a while but had never gotten around to. Luckily for myself, a resident had accidently double-booked himself for the day of the race and I volunteered to run his numbers for him. Being an occasional runner, being thrown in last minute didn’t phase me too much as I was relatively fit, whereas the lads, Adam and Neil had been training in Broughton Park with Pat, steadily building up their stamina for the race.

Neil and Adam met me in town accompanied by Dovid, a chap from New Jersey representing the friendship circle and we made our way to the start line where we got our signs pinned on and started getting ready for the run.

There was a fantastic atmosphere there and we warmed up to the music that was being played by having a bit of a dance, then stretching out the limbs and muscles before checking that we had water for the run.

Then it was time to set off! Just in time for the good old fashioned Manchester weather….the heavens opened! But the rain wasn’t able to dampen our spirits! Adam was going for the slow and steady approach as he was sensible whilst Neil and myself headed off. We managed to run until the 3k mark in the pouring rain and started losing our puff so we walked a little bit, making friends on the way and managed to finish around under 1:30 mark! Adam and Dovid managed to make their way to the finish line just under the 2 hour mark .The lads celebrated by going out to dinner and having a well-deserved drink! Well done guys!
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